At LIFTIX, we leverage existing technologies to create innnovative solutions that are relevant to the lives and businesses of our customers. We have a suite of products and services that cut across various aspects of our lives.

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  • Technology Solutions that Work!
    Think Steam-Engine,
    Electricity, Aeroplanes!
  • User-centric
    The end-user is the reason
    for any technological breakthrough!
  • Blockchain-Powered Ideas
    Millions of Data Centres around the globe renders hacking moot!


In 2017, there were 18 million smart phone users in Nigeria alone, and being a forward-thinking organization, our solutions are mobile and global in reach.


The decentralization, immutability and transparency of the Blockchain opens us up to whole new world of possibilities in the technology space.


There is no future for a technology product/service that will not be used. The end users give validation to a technology product/service.

Million Africans
Million Nigerians
Million Smartphones users in MEA (2018)
Million Smartphone users in Nigeria (2018)

What We Offer

Functional solutions that answer the questions of our end-users
as they go about their lives and businesses.

  • Mobile-friendly
  • Easy-to-use
  • Global Standard
  • Blockchain-powered